DivereAthon TBR (Jan 22-29)

DiverseAthon 2017 begins today and runs through January 29. It was started by the Booktubers Whitney of WhittyNovelsChristina Marie, Joce of SquibblesReads, and Monica of shemightbemonica in response to an anti-diversity video that went viral last year. I have two short books I would like to get to this week. I may not get to both, but I want to get to at least one. I also chose classics because I want people to know that there are diverse classics out there. They may not belong to the “Western Canon” as we usually define the term, but these works are well-known and highly-regarded for their subject matter and literary merit. You can read classics and read diversely. Modern classics count.

The organizers of the read-a-thon suggest that you read books by Own Voices (i.e. by authors who belong to the group they are writing about). Here are the two books I would like to get to this week.

1) L’Immoraliste by André Gide

Image result for l'immoraliste

The protagonist, Michel, is a closeted bisexual living in the early 20th century with his wife. Evidently he’s not very likable. The reviews are mixed. But La symphonie pastorale by the same author is one of my favorite French works, so I am optimistic.

2) Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

Image result for twelve years a slave book

A slave autobiography. The title is self-explanatory.


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